Petters Counseling, LLC


As a therapist, I believe we each hold our own answers and know ourselves clearly on a deeper level than we are aware.   Life experiences and unrealistic beliefs can distort our vision of ourselves and veil the path we are to follow.  My work with clients is walking with them to rediscover the parts of themselves that have been hurt and distorted, and to understand and heal those parts, and then to make the changes they desire for a more fulfilling life. 

Sometimes life becomes difficult to navigate and we can lose our direction which in turn can lead to bad choices, broken relationships, lack of meaning and purpose, unfulfilled careers, and a general sense of apathy. These times usually call for changes in our personal coping skills, communication skills and/or our thought patterns and beliefs.  Each life phase or life style change challenges us to make adjustments and to grow from the lessons that each phase presents.  Learning these lessons can bring greater satisfaction in our personal lives, in our relationships and a greater sense of purpose and well-being.

The therapeutic journey is one of discovery and reconnection to the self we were intended to be.   I help my clients to explore their resistances to change and to undercover the parts that sabotage their progress in all areas of their lives.  I offer my clients the support to begin the journey and the tools to implement the changes they desire for themselves in order to live a more purposeful and fulfilling life.

I offer the following counseling and therapy:

Individual Therapy:  Working with men and women on personal issues that include life changes, communications skills, relationship issues, stress, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, boundary issues, co-dependency issues and personal understanding and insights to their own answers.

Marriage, Family and Couple Therapy:  Working with couples and families to facilitate healthier lifestyles by improving communication skills, exploring relationship issues, reducing conflict and stress,  and increasing understanding and respect in their relationships.

Divorce Coaching:  Working with an individual partner or both partners who are experiencing  divorce by providing  support, knowledge, and strategies to navigate the process and also to help them to work more effectively with their attorney and former spouse, and to provide tools to help their children through the process. 

Parenting Plans:  Working with parents to develop an effective detailed parenting plan, to establish guidelines for communication, to reduce conflict and stress that will benefit both the parents and children toward a healthy adjustment.

Group Therapy:  Working with women in a group setting to provide support and encouragement  for personal growth, empowerment, and personal changes by providing the psychological tools to achieve more fulfilling lives and healthier relationships.

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